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4 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Naturally Gluten Free

By: Jenn Moss

Are you someone who just got diagnosed with Celiac Disease? Did you just adopt a gluten-free way of eating? Excluding gluten from your diet may seem like a hard feat if you’re not used to it. If traditional bread, pasta, and grain options of the like are a normal staple in your diet, you might be a little lost. You may be asking yourself the question, “what can I eat?”

Well, there are a lot of different options that are available for someone who is avoiding gluten. Most things that you think of that contain gluten are usually processed in some way. However, you go to the roots of food and start looking at whole food options, you may be quite surprised. While there are lots of naturally gluten-free options out there, here are a couple that you may want to be aware of:

1. Rice

A naturally gluten-free option, rice is a great staple to have in your house. Rice can take on many forms such as noodles, desserts, flour, etc. Additionally, most restaurants carry this a menu option, making it easier to order a carb while out to eat.

2. Corn

Corn is the major ingredient in most of the food in America. Do you LOVE tacos, and afraid you can’t have them anymore? Opt for a corn tortilla, and just make sure the only ingredient in play is indeed corn.

3. Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes

Who says you can’t have carbs on a gluten-free diet? Potatoes products are a great addition to your diet and can take on many forms (ex: baked, fried, sauteed). Do remember though, if you absolutely can’t have any contamination, to not order fries unless they come from a dedicated gluten-free fryer, since conventional fryers are used for multiple purposes.

4. Dairy Products

If you don’t also have a dairy problem, it’s nice to know that dairy products are gluten-free. A great source of protein and vitamins, there is no wonder dairy is a staple in the lives of many. Of course, if we’re talking about ice cream, do keep in mind that the cone is not gluten-free! But you can still indulge!

These are just four of the many naturally occurring gluten-free foods there are in the world. It may be hard, in the beginning, to recognize what is and isn’t something you can consume, but after a little bit, you’ll be sure to get the hang of it. And lastly, instead of being sad, and mourning the things you can no longer eat, perhaps you reframe the scenario and look forward to all the things you still can. Like rice, corn, potatoes, and dairy.