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4 of The Best Healthy Food Options from the Gas Station

By: Jenn Moss

When traveling, we sometimes forget to pack enough food for the trip to keep us going. While we would like to always be prepared, things happen, and we have to adapt. Sometimes, the only options on long trips are stopping at gas stations or convenience stores. And the name says it all — it is convenient. But if you are someone who likes to eat healthily, you may be a little overwhelmed by the number of processed food options, such as chips, candy, and more lurking in front of you.

However, it is possible to find healthy choices that will keep you going during your trip, until you can have a full-on meal. If you look past the alluring processed stuff, you may find some hidden gems.

Here are some of the best light fare options:

1. Fresh Fruit

The fruit is something you may not think about but often found by the register. Most gas stations are stepping up their game and adding fresh options. Perhaps you grab a couple of bananas, a

potassium-rich choice, and head on your way. They are easy to eat while driving, and will not make a mess in your car. Additionally, bananas are protected in their skin, so there is no worry about any dust or contamination.

2. Greek Yogurt

Single-serve Greek yogurts can be found in the refrigerator section of the store. This choice is high in protein, moderate fat, and carbs, to help keep you full on the road. It also makes a great breakfast option, especially if you are someone who prefers a smaller, lighter breakfast. It can also be used as a midday snack to hold you over until you can eat a bigger meal.

3. Protein Bars

Apparent in their name, protein bars can be a good source of protein when on the go. Furthermore, protein bars are easy to consume and keep on driving. However, not all protein bars are created equally. It is important to check the ingredients for added preservatives or high refined sugar levels. There are such options available, but you do need to be cautious. What may seem like something healthy, may be just as high in sugar as the neighboring chocolate bar.

4. Nuts

Nuts are a great healthy snack option. Nut mixes are higher in healthy fats, fiber, protein, and other vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin E and Magnesium. That being said, nuts are very caloric, and it is easy to eat two or three servings of them on the road. Perhaps you opt for a single serving of almonds or cashews, often found next to the chips.

Life happens, and we are not always as prepared as we would like to be. If eating healthy is important to you, and helps you thrive, perhaps you consider these suggestions for on the road

eating. Of course, it is nice to remember that no one has to eat healthy all the time. It is okay to let yourself indulge, as you’re more than likely on vacation after all.