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3 HIIT Workout Ideas to Implement Into Your Routine

By: Jenn Moss

You may have heard some buzz around the fitness community about HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training. You may have even done this in a workout class already. Especially if you’ve taken a class with a lot of burpees, lunges, increased heart rate, and a whole lot of sweating.

As the name suggests, it is an intense form of exercise, but the key is that each set is done in short intervals. Unlike a run, where you have to conserve your energy for the duration of the workout, HIIT requires pushing yourself to the max during each set. These sets are typically short — ranging from 20 to 90 seconds. So if you’re someone who gets easily bored with workouts, this may be a great option for you.

We have learned that working hard in our workouts help result in losing body fat, but what makes HIIT special is the unique and intentional intensity that is coupled with it. Essentially you perform the exercise in short bursts, with low-intensity recovery periods.

Here are some examples:

If you find that running for a long time is too hard for you, perhaps you try this after your warm-up and stretch. Run as fast as you can for at least 15 seconds, then go back to a moderate job for 2–3 minutes, then repeat that same process. By doing so, you increase your heart rate, burn calories, and it’s more achievable as it’s down in increments.

Setting up a relay system at home. Perhaps you use a jump rope for one minute, drop it, do 10–15 squats, drop into 10 push-ups, rest, and repeat. Besides the jump rope, this all things you can do just with your bodyweight.

Using a stationary or regular bike, pedal as fast as you can for 20–30 seconds in high gear, lower it down, and pedal normally for 2 minutes. By switch back and forth you’ll be sure to feel it in your thighs and calves.

So now that we know some examples, let’s talk about how many times a week this should be done. Although HIIT workouts are great for your cardiovascular health, and potentially losing weight, these shouldn’t be done every day. These workouts should only be done about 3 times a week to avoid burnout and hurting your body. For the other days of the week, perhaps you do a light cardio workout. Keep in mind that you should conscious of how you feel during your workouts. It may take some playing around to find what is perfect for you and your needs.