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The Pros and Cons of Juicing Celery

By: Jenn Moss

Popularized by the Medical Medium, the celery juicing phenomena has taken over the globe. Stores have seen a massive increase in celery sales, making it harder for people to purchase this newly desired vegetable. It can be bought at fresh juicers, or made from the comfort of your home. But what makes celery juice so good for you? Or, is this new craze simply hyped up?

The Medical Medium claims that drinking 16oz of celery every day can improve gut health, strengthens bile, restores the central nervous system, and removes toxins from the body. These are some pretty big claims, and a lot to impose one single vegetable.

Although there are little studies on these claims, let us take a look at some of the known pros:

1. Vitamin-Packed

We do know that celery contains vitamins, just like all vegetables do. These include vitamin K, folate, and potassium. So by consuming 16oz of celery, you are essentially flushing yourself with vitamins.

2. Easy Consumption

To produce 16oz of celery, it takes a lot of celery, typically 2 entire packages. It would take you a long time to consume all that celery just by chewing, especially because of the fibrous texture. For those who have trouble chewing, drinking your vegetables, such as celery may be a better option.

3. Control Blood Pressure

There are many health claims associated with celery juice, however, this one makes great sense. There is a natural antihypertensive, that works with the body to lower blood pressure.

Now let us examine a few of the cons of celery juice:

1. Lack of Fiber

By juicing instead of consuming celery by chewing, you are not able to get any benefits of the fiber. Whole celery is a great source of insoluble fiber and helps keep the gut regular.

2. Possible Allergen

Drinking massive amounts of celery every day may result in an allergic reaction, something you may not have known you had. This could take the shape of skin reactions, stomach upset, trouble breathing, etc. Do take note of how your body reacts when drinking the juice.

3. Celery Is Not Magical

Celery is not a magical answer to achieving optimal health. Although it has some great vitamins in it, it should not be glorified for more than it is. It is just like every other vegetable, which does contain some health benefits.