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Why Showering/Bathing Is an Important Personal Hygiene Habit

By: Jenn Moss

Taking showers/baths every day is normal in the US, however, in other places of the world, such as Europe, showering as frequently is not normal. Although showering every day is not medically needed, it is a great hygiene habit that you may want to stick with. Or at least every other day. There are many great health benefits, but most importantly it makes you feel refreshed and clean.

Here are some of the other great benefits:

1. Brings a Sense of Calm

We live busy and sometimes stressful lives, constantly going, going, going. While productivity is something we love to strive for, it is not everything. It is important to take time out of our day to take care of ourselves. Maybe this takes the form of a long bubble bath, equipped with your beverage of choice, music, and low lights. Spending time in a tub of hot water lessens fatigue, and also helps with sore muscles.

2. Can Make it Easier to BreatheIn a long shower, steam is created around you, making it easier to breathe. This is helpful if you have a cold, or problems breathing regularly. Also, you might add eucalyptus or mint to the back of the showerhead. The aroma will fill up the shower, making it an easy breathing experience with some flare.

3. Helps Rid Your Skin of Dead Cells

It is no wonder our skin feels soft and luxurious after bathing or showering. Who does not want silky soft skin? Using a loofah, or various skin scrubber, you can work towards achieving this. In this process, you are also ridding the skin of bacteria, and possible irritants that could cause rashes or skin problems if not properly adhered to.

4. Wakes You Up

You might notice you feel more awake and energized when you shower first thing in the morning. Especially if you end the warm shower with a minute or two of cold water. This is a great habit to incorporate into your daily living to help you start the day refreshed, clean, and ready to go.

5. Brings On Sleep

On the contrary, a cozy shower or bath at night is the perfect way to wind down before bed. The hot water helps muscles relax, and in some cases allows the mind to slow down. This is extremely helpful right before bed, where the mind seems to wonder the most. Studies have shown an improvement of ease in getting to sleep with those with Insomnia as well.