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Why Stretching Every Day Is Good for You

By: Jenn Moss

Our muscles and joints help support our movements, they grow and strengthen during workouts, and help us in complete workouts altogether. Because of the constant tension being placed on them, whether from every day walking or putting a strain on them from working out. Taking care of our muscles by stretching every day can have some great health benefits. In this article, we examine why!

Here are some of the many benefits of everyday muscle stretches:

1. Increased Range of Mobility

Most of us lead a very sedentary lifestyle, and maybe not by choice. For those with the typical 9–5 desk job, you are required to sit most of the day, and in most cases staring down at a computer screen. Over time this can cause your muscles, and joints to become stiff, and rigid. By stretching every day before or after work you allow for an increase in mobility and strength. This helps to also prevent pain and discomfort.

2. Release of Tension

Speaking of discomfort, regular stretching helps to release tension and tightness in the body. Many find that their discomfort stems from their necks and shoulders. This is no surprise, and we are constantly looking down to stare at our phones or typing away at our computer. There is a term for this — text neck. To counter tension in the neck and other areas in the body, stretching is quite useful.

3. Increased Flexibility

Flexibility is so much more than being able to touch our toes. By becoming more flexible, our daily tasks become easier. Whether it is reaching for a bowl, increasing fitness strength and capabilities, or simply feeling more limber at your desk. Having flexible muscles and joints may protect you from injury as well. Although, it is pretty cool to say you can bend yourself in half and touch your toes.

Thankfully with the help of technology, there are many resources out there to help you stretch. Whether it is an online yoga video, tai chi class, or dance class, or more, there are free resources out there made available to you. But do remember that it is always better to stretch when your muscles are warmed up so that you do not risk pulling a muscle or injuring yourself further! Perhaps you do this right after a shower, or after a quick jog for the most pleasant productive experience.