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3 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

By: Jenn Moss

We as humans love connection and feeling close to one another. In fact, these connections are what drives us, and inspires us to seek out relationships with people. When it comes to love relationships, it can easily turn into a slippery slope. What was once a healthy, functional relationship, may turn into something that is unhealthy, and in some cases, quite toxic.

Sometimes we become blind to the facts, or would rather not think about our relationships in a negative way. It is hard, especially when you still are in love with the person, to shine a light on the scary aspects. However, it is important to learn the warning signs and remove yourself from any situation that is causing harm to your mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical body.

Here are some warning signs you should be on the lookout for:

1. Using Tracking/Location Control Tactics

If your significant other needs to know where you are at all times, and makes you drop your location, this is a big red flag. Along the lines of tracking, if your partner limits where you can go, and who you can go see (such as certain friends or family), this is something you should be aware of. They are using isolation as a form of control.

2. Intimidation

Your partner tries to maintain control over you by making you feel scared or timid. They may try to put down the ideas that may provide you opportunities in life, such as school, a job, or the possibility of a promotion. Their motivation is to knock at your self-confidence to keep you in their control and feed their want to keep you down or in the same place.

3. Physical Violence

This may seem like it’s obvious, but for some, physical violence may become the norm in a relationship. However, if someone is using physical violence, for example, in the form of hitting, slapping, punching, grabbing, shoving, etc. Typically this is done forcefully, and it can be very scary as the recipient. Physical violence in a way should never be condoned.

These are just three of the many signs to look out for in a relationship. If you feel like you are in an unhealthy/abusive relationship, you might want to seek out help. There are many organizations that help with domestic violence and relationship-related topics. Additionally, friends and family are a great resource to help you find safety, no matter how scary it is to tell them. You are not alone in your situation, there are people willing and wanting to help you find serenity.