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How to Make Working Out a Regular Habit

By: Jenn Moss

Have you ever gotten a whole new working out wardrobe, bought new workout equipment, or signed up for a gym membership, only to stop a couple of weeks later? Committing to a workout regimen can be tough. We know that being active is great for our minds and bodies, but sometimes sprawling out on the couch eating a bag of chips after work takes precedence. However, it is possible to have balance in our lives. We can workout 3–5 times a week, and also allow ourselves to indulge.

Creating a simple workout plan you can stick with for the long term is more beneficial than an extremely hard one that you quit after two weeks. In order to make working out a habit, let us consider the following:

1. Choose Something You Love

Working out should not feel forced, or a pain to accomplish. It should, in fact, be pleasurable, while also helping you achieve fitness goals. In order to stick with it, you might choose something that brings you joy. Hate the gym, but love to dance? Maybe you try dance workouts or dance classes. Like to move outside, but hate running? Maybe you try fast walking or high-intensity interval training. There is no one perfect way to workout. We all have different passions, and our workouts should mimic that.

2. Scheduling in Time

A big reason many say is that they simply do not have time to workout. Of course, we all have busy schedules, work, family, and other obligations. However, scheduling the time to take care of your health, both mind and body are important. Even if it does not seem possible, maybe you take a look at your schedule and see which part of the day is best for you to commit to. When you start to make changes to our schedule and stick to it, it becomes an integral part of our routine and something we look forward to.

3. Get Your Outfit Ready Ahead of Time

Put all those cute workout clothes to good use. This might seem simple, but putting together an outfit the night before can be quite useful. When it is time to workout, you do not have to worry about acquiring each piece of clothing, as it is already laid out for you. The fewer obstacles to stand in the way of you and your workout, the better.

Deciding to change your habits is the first step towards changing. Start small, create obtainable goals, and you will see results.