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3 Workouts You Can Do From Anywhere

By: Jenn Moss

There is no secret surrounding the positive effects of working out. Not only does it affect our physical bodies (increase muscle density, losing weight, etc), and our mental health (an increase in endorphins, and feel-good hormones). So it is no wonder getting in a great workout is important to so many of us. Whether you are traveling, or do not have access to a gym, this list can be helpful for you to come back to.

We all have different fitness levels based on our body's capabilities. For example, what might seem like an easy thing to one, can be very hard for another. Of course, by consistently working out, we can increase our endurance levels.

Here are some to consider:

1. Walking, Jogging, Running

No equipment is needed for this tried and true workout. Walking, jogging, and running can get your rate up in seconds, and gets the sweat going. It suggested that everyone gets at least one hour of cardio each day. However, for those who suffer from joint pain, you may want to

stick with walking or fast walking, as running creates a lot of strain and pressure on the joints.

2. Squats, Lunges, Planks, Push-Ups

You may notice something that all these things have in common…they all require just your body weight to be completed. This means that these kinds of functional workouts can be done anywhere and at any time (pretty much). This is nice if the addition of weights is too much on the body. These workouts build glute, thigh, back, and arm muscles.

3. Yoga and Dance/Workout Classes

Technology plays a fantastic role in terms of bringing fitness options to you. If you took a look at Youtube right now, you would find millions of free classes to access at any time of the day. This is great if you have an abnormal schedule, and can not make live classes during daytime hours. Yoga and dancing help to release stress, and center the mind, all while building strength and flexibility.

Do not have access to the gym? No problem. There are many options to get a fantastic workout without the use of the gym. Perhaps you try a couple of different workouts to acquiesce what is the best option for you and your body. Working out should be something that is fun, not something that causes your harm or something you fear doing every day.