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How to Keep Track of Your Daily Food Intake

If you’re not in optimal health, or just feel like you’re not in the greatest shape, keeping track of what you eat on a daily basis is a way to assess where you can make some needed changes. One way to do this is to keep a food diary.

. In other words keep a list, and even photos, of everything you eat during the day. That way you can evaluate where you may need to make changes. If you need help keeping a food diary to get yourself on the right track, there are tons of apps you can easily download to your smart phone. Many also include tips and tricks from experts to help reinforce your effort.

Balance it Out

Of course, eating a balanced diet is always recommended. Some people digest and burn calories differently than others. If, for example, you’re athletic, you can probably tolerate and burn much more carbohydrates then someone who has a sedentary lifestyle. The trick is to keep track of what you take in and assess what the results are in order to achieve your optimal state of wellness. If you need to exercise more look for a “step app” for your smart phone. This can help you track how many steps you’re walking during the day and how many calories you’re burning as a result. Counting calories may seem a bit old school, but if you don’t know how many calories in a day your body needs to stay healthy and in good shape, it’s a good idea to start working on a plan to figure it out.

Hunger vs. Thirst

Another trick which many are not aware of is, sometimes when you feel hungry it’s not because you need to eat. It’s because you need to drink more water. That old rule of 8 glasses a day still holds true. One way to find out is, if you feel hungry but think you’ve probably eaten enough, drink a glass of water. Then wait 15 minutes and see if the hunger dissipates. If it does, chances are you’re not drinking enough water throughout the day. So keeping track of your water intake is equally as important and knowing what food nutrients are best for you.

An Apple a Day

If you find you are taking in too many calories during the day, there are a few simple rules to help you regain balance. First of all, avoid foods and beverages high in sugar. If you just need to have that tall glass of sweet tea or lemonade, try watering it down a bit to reduce the amount of sugar you’re absorbing. If you’re one who craves sugar, try eating a piece of fruit in the afternoon instead of your usually candy bar. An apple, for example, is a great way to satisfy a sugar craving because it will actually fuel your body instead of giving you a temporary sugar-fueled adrenaline rush. It’s also good for your heart. Apples can lower the risk of illness such as diabetes and promote healthy gut bacteria for healthy digestion. Apples are also high in fiber which will keep you feeling satisfied much longer than candy.

Slow Down!

Another very simple way to control your daily food intake is to simply slow down and chew thoroughly. If you do this, you’ll automatically begin to decrease the size of your meal portions. The reason is, you need to give your brain a chance to inform your stomach you’ve eaten enough. In other words, give your food a chance to shake down, as the saying goes. One you start to realize you can eat slower, and therefore less; you’ll begin to reap the benefits of not over-eating. This can include weight loss, healthier digestion, and less cravings for heading for that dessert table right after your meal.

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