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Practice Portion Control for Healthy Weight

The old expression, you are what you eat, may be true. But you are also how much you eat. The easiest way to practice portion control is to simply slow down and chew thoroughly. If you’ve struggled with eating too much, or often dine with those who eat fast, take a step back for a moment.

Go to a restaurant and observe a thin person. They are usually the last one at the dinner table. Why? Simply because they eat slow, and therefore less. When you eat slow and chew thoroughly, you’re allowing your stomach and digestive system to alert your brain to the fact that you’ve just eaten sufficiently. If you ignore your brain and just keep going, that’s where the “OMG I just ate way too much!” comes in.

Eat What You Want

So, you may very well be what you eat, but if you slow it down you won’t overeat. The other benefit of portion control is you can eat pretty much anything you want, barring any health or allergy considerations. If you want a big honkin’ cheeseburger, cut it in half. Eat half of it slowly, and you’re more than likely find you can save the other half for another meal. This can also add to savings on your meal budget as well. Another way to practice portion control is to fix your plate and put the rest of the food away. If you fill your plate with a reasonably modest portion and eat it slowly, you’re more than likely going to find you are sufficiently full – not overly full and not still hungry.

It Becomes Automatic

As you continue to develop this habit, your stomach will shrink, and you will automatically begin to eat a smaller meal portion. The reason most people gain weight is because they overeat and stretch their stomach out. Then when the next meal comes, it takes more to become full and feel satisfied. So, the key to weight management is really quite simple. Instead of buying into all the weight loss fads and diet trends, simply slow it down and chew thoroughly. If you chew your food until it is nearly liquid in your mouth, you will also help your digestion in the process. It will take less for your stomach acids to break down the food. More than likely you will experience fewer digestive issues if you’ve had them in the past.

Retrain Your Brain

Keep in mind, you should always try to eat a balanced diet. So, we’re not suggesting you should eat half of a cheeseburger at every meal. What we are saying is you can retrain your brain and your body to slow down, eat less and feel and look better in the process. It can be a real confidence booster if you lose 5 or 10 pounds without seemingly even trying. It can be equally as flattering when your friends notice you lost weight and ask how you did it. They may find it hard to believe you really didn’t do much of anything because slowing down may not seem like much. Once you train yourself to eat slower, however, you’ll see it really is something!

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